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Meet Pastor David Oloo Of The Good Shepard Ministries

By Marci Nielsen

Kisumu is home to the Good Shepard Ministries. Kisumu is a port city of Kenya, East Africa. The ministries also have a house of worship about seventy miles away by car in Homa Bay, Kenya. Traveling by water on Lake Victoria cuts the journey in half. The church began as Christ Faith Evangelical Church, but changed its name to the Good Shepard House of Worship, in part due to its affiliation with the ministries. Since 2007, Pastor David Oloo has served as the senior pastor.

Pastor Oloo worked diligently from 2005 to 2008 to establish an orphanage in Homa Bay for twenty five children. Many of the children became orphans after their parents passed away from AIDS. Thanks to the Pastor and his associates these innocent children now have safe, Christian homes. The continued funding for the orphanage has since changed hands, but the work continues.

Through the support of an American, in 2010 the church was able to buy some land in Homa Bay and build its house of worship. Amazingly, the building was finished by 2011. The generous benefactor continues to contribute to the church, which can accommodate six hundred of the faithful for services.

The beauty of Kisumu and its people make it a wonderful home for the ministries and the church. Kisumu is a port city with a shoreline on Lake Victoria. The population is around four hundred thousand. There area many attractions where tourists can learn about the city and its culture. Kisumu is working towards environmental awareness and improvements. There is a wildlife sanctuary for animals, and the cheetahs are magnificent. They also continue to work for preservation of the wetlands of Dunga Beach.

David Oloo and his father Bishop Nashon Oloo have a history of working to benefit children through their ministries. The beliefs of the Good Shepard Ministries are bible based affirming that the bible is the true word of God. They believe that Jesus was the God manifested in the flesh who came to earth and died to atone for the sins of man. Their Baptism is by full immersion into water. These beliefs and these practices can be found in most Christian based ministries in America.

The ministries website includes a link to some suggested reading. In their work with Westerners, the ministries came to realize there is a cultural gap between the African and the Western way of thinking about money and its management. The reading is intended to bridge that gap and reduce errors due to difficult communications and misunderstanding.

As with any humble servant of the Lord, Pastor Oloo will credit his accomplishments to the will of God. The work done in the ministries will always be guided by God and not for the glory of any one man or woman. The pastor is known for his good works and is thankful for the guidance of the Lord.

If you have the opportunity to visit the lovely port city of Kisumu, take the time to visit the ministries of David Oloo and the Good Shepard House of Worship. The beauty of the land and its people will inspire you. Both Kisumu and Homa Bay are on the shores of Lake Victoria, and the views are breathtaking. David Oloo would say that the blessings of God are bountiful.

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