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How To Plan Leadership Retreats Hawaii

By Dorothy Wood

Organizing a retreat can be a hectic job for everyone, even for event planners. A lot of work, commitment and discipline are needed. Planning is necessary, and you will have to involve as many people as possible for it to have fewer mistakes. The following will guide you on how to go about it especially if it is your first time planning Leadership Retreats Hawaii.

You first must know what type of event and the reason why the event is being held. It could be a wedding event, a school event or a church event. The reasons could be to preach, educate, advise or to celebrate. This will form the basis of how you plan to organize the event and have a theme for this retreat. You will get to know what equipment to have or entertainment that will plan.

Have a timeline for planning the occasion. You ought to know when the event is scheduled. Put time limits for activities of planning such as buying materials that will be used and transportation. Communicate this timeline to all involved persons. Start planning earlier to prevent last minute rush and to have time to remedy mistakes that may arise. Also, some things will require early booking, such as the venue and seats to hire. Working from a set date will ensure that you remember the time scale.

Have a budget for the activity. Ensure you collect all the money needed either from donors or the people having the retreat early in advance. Work with the money you possess. Cut out all unnecessary expenses and try reducing costs. For example, you can buy in bulk as it is cheap and transport money will be reduced. You can buy cheap items also. Moreover, have receipts for all expenditure to account for them at the end.

Organize yourself knowing the amount of time you have to plan the retreat. Prepare a draft of all the activities you have to do. Have deadlines for each of these. Ensure you follow all this to the latter. Ensure you have all the contact information of everyone you may need to contact, all the things you need to purchase, decorations, food, entertainment and all the people involved in other details.

You have to find out the number of guests you expect so that you get a clue on the size of the venue, the amount of food you need among other things. You also have to know what type of people they are and their ages. The occasion should meet their needs and make sure they are comfortable. The activities they will undertake should be appropriate for their age.

Market the event at an early stage. Ensure you use attractive adverts. You can have a theme and a logo to go with the occasion. Do the invitations either, face to face, in cards, using social media pages or the media. Keep on reminding them of this. By doing this early, you allow people to prepare themselves and buy tickets.

Now you can take a breather and review the planning outcome. Use your earlier prepared draft to see if you have everything needed. Have time for evaluation to correct any mistakes. Let your team mates help you in this and have notes of mistakes to avoid making them again in future.

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